Fibre optical switch with connected fc cables in server

Telecommunications consultancy services

Testing in the area of telecommunication networks

We offer consultancy services for national and international industry partners in a broad range of areas including wireless communications and networking, Internet of Things and practical system development.

Wireless Communications and Networking

We can provide wireless system design, whole system-level solutions and develop innovative algorithms to meet the requirements of industry needs.

The Centre for IoT and Telecommunications is currently working in collaboration with Telstra on open scheduler systems for future radio access networks.

The work on open scheduler systems will transform currently proprietary wireless cellular system into a fully controllable and reconfigurable system, resulting in an effective network resource management and creation of new business services.

Internet of Things

We can provide the whole solutions for IoT system design and large-scale deployment for various applications, including remote monitoring, tracking, identifications, control, automation, microgrids and asset management.

The Centre for IoT and Telecommunications is currently working in collaboration with the Tyree Foundation to explore wireless networked control and management of active distribution networks.

The motivation for the project came from the global transformation of power systems driven by the increasing uptake of variable renewable energy sources (RES) such as solar and wind, and the need to develop new methodologies and tools for power system operation. The project will develop an active distribution network testbed and provide the underpinning science in the area of energy management and control over wireless networks. The testbed will be based on a combination of a real-time digital simulator and a number of physical devices in a hardware in the loop configuration, connected to a software defined wireless virtual network.

Practical systems development

We can develop prototype and practical systems for wireless communications or IoT applications.