Wind tunnel with laser mist

Fluids and environmental consultancy services

Expertise in the areas of energy, water and environment

We offer a diverse range of consultancy services for industry and government partners alike in wind engineering, water resources management and hydraulics, sustainable building design, eco-hydrology and biogeochemistry.


Utilising our Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, our services include assessing loads on structures; pedestrian wind comfort and wind loads on buildings; façade pressure cladding measurements; and other wind tunnel testing as requested.

For more information, contact:
Dr Kapil Chauhan

The vast array of equipment within the Fluids Laboratory is capable of providing a broad range of services relating to water quality forecasting and management. We can also offer short- and long-term reservoir modelling and hydraulic modelling, including the design of road crossing, pipe networks and hydraulic structures.

For more information, contact:
Professor Chengwang Lei

Our services within the Convection Laboratory include assessing thermal performance of existing and new buildings and adaption to climate change, as well as the design for energy efficiency by incorporating passive solar thermal technologies such as solar chimneys and water walls.

For more information, contact:
Associate Professor Chengwang Lei

Our Environmental Laboratory facilities offer a wide range of services, including aquifier modelling; contaminant transport and bio- and phyto-remediation; ecosystem modelling; biochemistry computation; and surface and belowground hydrological modelling for urban and non-urban environments.

For more information, contact:
Dr Federico Maggi