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Sliced oranges and kiwi on wooden table

Food industry transformation

Designing benign production processes for future foods
We aim to fundamentally transform the agrifood sector by developing highly innovative approaches in food processing technologies to promote Australia’s international competitiveness.

Our research

Food process and supply chain innovation

Our experts: Associate Professor John Kavanagh, Professor Fariba Dehghani, Professor David Fletcher, Professor Tim Langrish, Professor Yuan Chen, Professor PJ Cullen

Our focus is on innovation in food process and supply chains to maximise sustainability, traceability and efficiency whilst ensuring high quality, safety and nutritional integrity. We aim to design new methods for fermentation, downstream processing, advanced extraction and drying in food production including process modelling and sensor development for food safety and analysis.

Nutritional food for health and ageing populations

Our experts: Professor Tim Langrish, Professor Fariba Dehghani, Associate Professor Vincent Gomes, Associate Professor John Kavanagh

We aim to develop and design the next generation of foods to address the increasing prevalence of lifestyle diseases, nutrient deficiency in disadvantaged communities and ageing population health needs. We will develop foods with antiviral, anticancer and immunological properties for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

Value-added food products

Our experts: Professor Tim Langrish, Professor Fariba Dehghani, Associate Professor Vincent Gomes

We aim to develop novel methodologies and technologies that will enhance and add value to food processes and products to increase food quality and marketability. These include new and optimised methods for the extraction, purification and stabilisation of high-value food products, proteins, pharmaceutical and other value-added products such as phytosterols, policosanol and wax.

Our people