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How to engage

Partner with us or join our community
Work with us to transform the way that projects are delivered, engaging through our research, executive education and engagement activities.

We work closely with industry, government and policy organisations to transform project-based industries, taking lessons on project leadership across sectors. We also see society, alumni and the international research communities as key stakeholders in our work. 

There are a number of ways you can join our community through our research, executive education, alumni network and events.

Through our research

Connect with us to develop new insights into project leadership in a changing world. We are keen to work with leading organisations and be part of the innovation ecosystem that works together to transform practices in project-based industries. We have seen how powerful it can be to bring together research, government and industry. We are keen to work with:

Capable owners, government departments, project sponsors, and delivery chains. To enable organisations to successfully deliver large-scale projects globally, we set out to partner with leading organisations across infrastructure, energy, aviation, mining, technology, banking and finance to provide support to their Senior Executives. 

Please contact us to explore how we can connect. There are opportunities for leveraging your investment through collaborative research grants.

We have a set of experienced practitioners with deep knowledge and experience in leading major projects, portfolios and programs with whom we work, informing our research through our board, events, and executive education and through affiliate membership of the Institute.

Please contact us to explore how we can connect.

We have an internal management group that is set up to discuss project leadership research, and make decisions on affiliations to the Institute. If you are a researcher working on an area related to project leadership, or work on projects within the University please complete this form and send it to  

We are keen to build community and work collaboratively to change practices. Please see details of our our Symposium, events and project leadership research.

Through executive education

Connect with us through our leading executive education. Our flagship offering is the Executive Leadership in Major Projects program. We work closely with the School of Project Management, which offers a full-suite of courses across all levels, from short introductory courses for practitioners to undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and research degrees.

This flagship course for Senior Executives has a significant history of delivering project success, with a significant network of alumni. With small groups of 20-25 participants, we have redesigned this program for delivery online, and in hybrid mode. See more informationrequest a brochure, and apply.

An award program offered by the School of Project Management, for candidates with a minimum of five years experience. This Master of Project Leadership program focuses on the knowledge required to apply a range of relevant models and theories across projects at an organisational level, enabling you to manage large-scale initiatives successfully. 

There is a pathway from our ELMP program to this award program.

Building on our extensive experience in leadership development, executive education and leading and governing major projects, we can work with you to develop suitable programs and services for your organisation. 

We offer custom programs that are suited to your specific needs in the areas of: project leadership, leadership and team capability development, and project governance and sponsorship. 

If you would like us to develop a customised program tailored to your needs, please contact us with your requirements.

Joining our community 

To be informed of our activities, please join our quarterly newsletter, follow us on Twitter and Linkedin, and see details of our Symposium, events and project leadership research. Register your details here for our brochure on the Executive Leadership in Major Projects program, to make an enquiry, and/or to be added to our mailing list.  

We seek to inform and update our community in order to have a significant impact on transforming project leadership practices. We have an active alumni network that are building capability and capacity for project leadership in project-based industries. We seek to engage with organisations and individuals and to involve our partners in our journey through our day-to-day activities. We seek over time to develop strong collaborations with strategic partners, working together to shape research agendas and having impact on practice. 

For all other enquires please email: