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John Grill Institute for Project Leadership

Shaping the next century of projects
We're advancing breakthrough research into project management and leadership across the areas of governance and methodology, social processes and sustainability in projects, and networks, data and visualisation.

The John Grill Institute for Project Leadership is a global leader in rigorous research that rethinks the many ways we conceive, lead, and benefit from projects.

It is focused on changing the project ecology by transcending industry boundaries as well as both opening avenues for communication and creating opportunities to learn from each other.

Furthermore, it also serves as a safe space for industry and government to come together and address the issues that stop our partners from gaining the full value from the projects they invest in – issues that are often difficult to discuss without a trusted forum.

Our research

In a rapidly changing and uncertain world, projects are becoming the way that work is done.

However, the rate of underperformance of projects is uncomfortably high, as is the flow-on effect of wasted time, money, and social capital invested.

Our diverse field of research aims to explore the reasons behind these phenomena, many of which can largely be attributed to increasing project complexity, and a limited human capacity to make decisions under uncertainty.

Our people

Mr Michael Curtin

Professor Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

Ms Silvia Damiano

Ms Jane Lowther

Tamara Kirby, School Manager

Ms Christine Colman, Project Officer

Ms Ana Skara, Administration Officer

Mr John Grill AO

Professor Stephen Garton

Dr Stuart McGill

Dr Ken Henry AC

Mr Kevin McCann AM

Professor Clinton Free

Professor Kim Rasmussen

Centre Director

Professor Jennifer Whyte
Professor Jennifer Whyte
Academic profile

John Grill AO

John Grill AO
Alumni, BSc(1966) BE(Civil)(1968)
"I will build new research and education capability in the realm of projects and leadership."

John Grill Institute for Project Leadership

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