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Project management students studying in class

Executive Leadership in Major Projects

Flagship program for project leaders
The Executive Leadership in Major Projects (ELMP) is a unique program that combines project excellence with leadership in strategic and business skills. The program will help you develop leadership skills to guide dynamic, high-performing teams.

About the program

The ELMP program prepares you for handling negotiations in complex environments, dealing with stakeholders, boards, and government. The core value of the program is simplifying the process and building your resilience across all aspects of project leadership. You will be empowered to operate at the major project, portfolio and program leadership levels in readiness for the next step in your career. 

You will:

  • develop leadership skills to guide dynamic high-performing teams within a focused project context,

  • learn how to collaborate, engage and align with stakeholders,

  • develop a strategic mindset and effective decision-making process.

Who should apply

The program is specifically tailored to the needs of businesses and experienced professionals in project industries with a focus on growing industry connections and networks. This immersive and tailored executive education draws on the latest research and is taught by both senior project peers and leading academics. Led by Professor Jennifer Whyte, it is ideal if you want to increase your leadership capabilities and capacity to deal with the challenges of major projects. 

Your learning journey

This program is delivered online and in hybrid mode. The program is taught in blocks, and we undertake leadership diagnostics before the start of the program and provide tailored coaching, supervision and mentor support through the program. The blocks are: 

Module 1: leadership practice

You will use evidence-based, contemporary methods, theories and research to increase your leadership reach and effectiveness to work with your team and a much wider ecosystem of stakeholders, to have a significant impact on your projects. 

Module 2: high-performing project teams

Build your understanding of the mechanisms and nuances of high-performing teams - yours and others - to increase your and their capability to get ‘that extra 10%’; to achieve team and project outcomes that have always been just beyond your reach.

Module 3: collaborative engagement and stakeholder alignment

Learn new skills and leverage established capability to effectively and empathically engage with the whole set of stakeholders. Build the capabilities, behaviours, and mindsets needed to ensure the project ecosystem is engaged and motivated to achieve success.

Module 4: strategic mindset

Expand the strategic view and environment you operate in. Also, help yourself and your team to widen theirs. Find ways to understand the project, not just as a successful outcome, but as a bigger dynamic system of value and meaning for now and the future.


By supporting personal development and growth as a project leader, the program has outcomes at a personal level and for organisations that sponsor participants, building much needed capability and capacity for project leadership in project-based industries.

  • Invest in your leadership impact
  • Extend your network with senior project practitioners across industry and government
  • Enhance your effectiveness and make an impact by aligning stakeholders and building high-performing teams
  • Reposition yourself within your own organisation for your next leadership role.


  • Realise benefits through participants working on projects within their own organisation
  • Deliver major projects that generate strategic and policy outcomes
  • Enrich long-term stakeholder relationships
  • Retain those professionals with the highest growth potential and signal the importance of leadership to all project professionals in your organisation
  • Improve leadership culture within project teams and broader organisations.

This program is a collaboration between the University of Sydney, School of Project Management and the John Grill Institute for Project Leadership. Please visit the School of Project Management for more details on our full-suite of programs.

Graduate profile

Tarun Shewaram Program Director, Westpac Group
"The Executive Leadership in Major Projects program offers a combination of expert instructions, coaching, case studies and, importantly, shared learning with and from the peer group."
Tarun Shewaram Program Director, Westpac Group