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Our research: Internet of Things

The interconnectivity of wireless communications and networks

Our Internet of Things (IoT) research focuses on wireless communications, networks, sensor devices, data technologies and their applications in smart grids and critical infrastructure.

IoT is becoming an essential technology to support the revolution of various vertical sectors such as agriculture, industry, energy, healthcare and transportation. This is achieved through sensing, communications, data analytics, decision intelligence and action automation. Our focus on IoT research includes connectivity, analytics and intelligence.

Our experts: Dr Zihuai Lin, Dr He Chen, Dr Li Liu

In this project, novel passive radio technologies will be developed to achieve low power and low cost communications for massive IoT. Two examples of existing passive radios are RFID and ambient backscatter communications (AmBC). We will develop new solutions to tackle the coverage and interference challenges faced by the existing solutions. The developed solutions will be useful in applications such as smart home and smart healthcare.

Our experts: Dr Peng Chen

With the massive deployment of IoT devices, the spectrum scarcity problem is becoming a critical issue to the success of future IoT. This project aims to develop spectrum sharing technologies for IoT communications. In particular, we aim to address the spectrum sharing aspects in terms of resource allocation, cross-layer optimisation and interference management.

Director, Internet of Things

Professor Branka Vucetic
Professor Branka Vucetic
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