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Whether you’re a prospective student, industry contact or academic, find out how to best connect with us or make an enquiry.

Head of School

Professor Joachim Gudmundsson
Academic profile
  • Dr Wei Bao, Director, Master of Information Technology Director & Master of Computer Science
  • Associate Professor Lijun Chang, Director, Master of Data Science
  • Associate Professor Mahendra Piraveenan, Director, Master of Cyber Security
  • Professor Jinman Kim, Director, Master of Health Technology Innovation & Master of Digital Health and Data Science
  • Associate Professor Zhiyong Wang, Director, Master of Information Technology Management & Master of Information Technology/Master of Information Technology Management
  • Professor Mikhail Prokopenko, Director, Master of Complex System

Industry engagement

Do you want to engage with the next generation of top Computer Scientists?

The School of Computer Science at the University of Sydney is amongst the nation’s top schools in the field. We have large number of excellent students in both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Why engage with us?

No matter the size of your organisation, we are ready to start a meaningful partnership to help you:

  • connect with the best talent in Computer Science
  • raise your profile as a desirable employer
  • support the next generation of top Computer Science professionals
  • collaborate with world-class academics

Industry engagement opportunities

Talk to us about our Industry Placement Scholarship program to offer internship opportunities:

  • work individually with our highest achieving final year students
  • benefit from the fresh ideas and enthusiasm of the next generation of top Computer Scientists

Our flagship, four-year Bachelor of Advanced Computing degree has a combined enrolment of over 1,000 students delivering graduates who are:

  • highly sought-after employees
  • well-rounded industry-ready professionals
  • generalists with a solid foundational knowledge needed for careers in computer-based industries


Have a team of highly motivated final year students work on a twelve-week-long project by providing:

  • a project scope describing a real-world problem and expected deliverables
  • weekly advice to your student group (online) Teams undertake this work as part of their degree and are evaluated by an academic supervisor
  • support project resources, such as software, system access, cloud server, dataset, and so on.

There are a wide range of computer projects as follows that can be proposed to our Capstone Project Students, but not limited to these: 

  • Software development 
  • Web development 
  • Data Science 
  • Machine learning 
  • Data analysis 
  • Image processing/analysis 
  • Cyber Security

See examples of capstone projects.

You can submit your project ideas here:

Apart from capstones, our school have final year Honours projects for our undergrads and Research pathway for our Master students.

These projects can involve an industry partner, collaborating together with our academics, to co-supervise a student. You will benefit from working with academics and research students on research oriented projects

For other research opportunities, including PhD and MPhil, please contact us.

Our students value teaching staff with industry experience. Have you considered being a tutor, teaching assistant, or a guest lecturer?

  • Apply for a teaching position (tutor and/or teaching assistant) for many courses offered in our School.
  • Become a guest lecturer (volunteer) on a subject of your interest – this can be a rewarding experience and an opportunity to engage with our students

Donate a Student Award or Scholarship Associate your brand with our prestigious annual Award ceremony. This might include:

Associate your brand with our prestigious annual Award ceremony by supporting:

  • awards to celebrate high-achieving students
  • scholarships to support under-represented groups
  • awards at our outreach events, such as for High School Fellowships, CodingFest, and Research Showcase.


For all industry and alumni enquiries at the School of Computer Science, please contact our engagement team.

Join our School's LinkedIn Group.

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