Citizens and city making: Who should be involved and how?

18 April 2013
2013 Henry Halloran Trust Annual Lecture
Who should be involved in city making and how? This is one of the questions at the center of NSW Government deliberations as it seeks to reform the NSW planning system. The question is an important one for architects and planners and also raises issues about the right to the city.

This panel discussion localized issues raised in the traveling exhibition 'People Building Better Cities: Participation and Inclusive Urbanization', and sought audience views. Panelists included academics, urban practitioners, citizens, and developers.

The evening began with a short presentation by Anna Rubbo (CSUD, Earth Institute, Columbia University) about the origins and purpose of the People Building Better Cities exhibition followed by John Brockhoff (NSW Department of Planning), Chris Johnson (Urban Taskforce), Paul Pholeros (Healthabitat), Amelia Thorpe (Faculty of Law, UNSW) and Kati Westlake (Parramatta Council).