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28 September 2021

COVID provided a real-life experiment on house price theory and what makes owning a home unaffordable

Closing the international borders was the sort of experiment economists had only ever carried out with a spreadsheet, never expecting it to actually happen. The results surprised a few, and have many questioning whether the right lessons are being learned.

27 September 2021

On why we need to stop telling lies about our housing and planning policies

Professor Peter Phibbs got a rousing retirement send off from his gig as director of the University of Sydney’s Henry Halloran Trust on Wednesday but he didn’t leave without a few piercing observations on housing and planning.

10 September 2021

City dwellers are being lured by small town dreams. Can the regions cope?

There aren't many of us who haven't dreamed of packing it all up, moving to the country, and setting up the family with more space, friendly neighbours and lots of fresh air. Now, thanks to flexible work arrangements, the pandemic's made that dream a possibility for a lot more people.

12 August 2021

Why are home prices soaring?

House prices in Australia are climbing at rates we’ve seldom seen. In all age groups, there is more renting and less home ownership than there used to be. Is housing supply part of the problem?

21 July 2021

Why Byron Bay shows us that regional housing has become the new gold rush

For all of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood moving to Byron Bay, lies a problem that is playing out across many parts of regional Australia: homelessness and housing affordability. While supply is the long term solution, what can be done now to people who are having their roofs over their head being sold from underneath them?