2022 Research Grants Awarded

4 July 2022

The Henry Halloran Trust is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 research grants.

This year, the Trust launched two new grant programs: the Post Doctorate Research Translation Scheme and the Research Seminar and Publication Scheme. Together with long-running Henry Halloran Trust research grants, these programs will continue to inform innovative and sustainable urban and regional planning priorities.

“Our recently awarded grants build on our commitment to high impact multi-disciplinary research and engagement. These projects address key challenges facing our urban and regional communities – from the health impacts of climate change to urban greening strategies and housing affordability,” Professor Nicole Gurran, the Trust’s director, said.

The successful grant recipients are:

Practitioner in Residence program:  Lucy Fokkema works in health infrastructure at NSW Health. Her project, exploring the role of affordable rental housing in successful health precincts, will examine the benefits and impacts of delivering affordable rental housing proximal to employment in health and innovation sectors. Her program will build on the Trust’s “socially just cities” research priority.

Post Doctorate Research Translation Scheme: Dr Ang Li was awarded her doctorate in economics from the University of Sydney and is now based at the University of Melbourne. Her research will generate a community-based social vulnerability index to health impacts of climate change and extreme weather.

Post Doctorate Research Translation Scheme: Dr Niranjika Wijesooriya-Gunarathne will develop a ‘Biophilic Living Cities Guide’ that expands on her recently completed PhD on the need for greening cities to mitigate climate change by integrating principles of biophilic design (the practice of connecting people and nature within built environments and communities).

Research Seminar and Publication Scheme: Dr Dallas Rogers is an Associate Professor with the University of Sydney’s School of Architecture, Design and Planning. Dallas will lead a multi-disciplinary team exploring the way various political and social constructs inform housing values.