Postdoctoral Research Translation Scheme

Transforming research into policy and practice.
The Postdoctoral Urban Research Translation SchemeĀ supports recent graduates to translate their research for wider urban policy and practice impact.

Current Postdoctoral Research Translation Scheme recipients

Dr Ang Li, University of Melbourne
Social vulnerability index that measures a wide range of social factors affecting human health that are caused by climate change and extreme weather.

The project creates a Social Vulnerability Index to describe the nature of the social vulnerability that communities face in preparing for and coping with the health impact of climate change in Australia. Based on a large scoping review of social vulnerability indicators linked to the health impact of climate change and extreme weather events like heatwaves, heavy rains, storms and bushfires, we collated a series of Australian datasets and constructed social vulnerability scores across 16 domains, including demographics, household composition, language, income/employment, education/social development, built environment, communication/transport, emergency service, health service, government service, health condition, care needs, social connection, housing security, dwelling condition, and livelihood. This project identifies which Australian communities are more at risk to the health impact of climate change in different domains and helps communities identify strategies that best support their health and wellbeing before, during and after climate and weather disaster events.

Visualisation of Social Vulnerability Index data over a map of Australia

Dr Niranjika Wijesooriya-Gunarathne, University of Sydney

Proposal to develop Biophilic Living Cities guide