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Practitioner in Residence program

Refine and complete your research project at the Trust
The Practitioner in Residence Program fosters academic engagement between experienced practitioners and a research incubator through short-term research support designed to help you deliver.

Our residency program provides an opportunity for experienced practitioners to bring their research project to life through academic support and training at the University.

Applications for the 2022 Practitioner in Residence program open in December 2021.

The program includes:

  • supervision and support by the chief investigator of the research incubator
  • training and access to the University's online journal collection
  • a work in progress seminar delivered by the practitioner
  • a short final paper to be delivered at the end of the residency
  • a presentation of the practitioner's findings at a public lecture.

Please note that fieldwork is not encouraged as a part of this residency and will require ethics approval if undertaken.

Practitioners working on a project that aligns with the interests of our Research Incubator Program are encouraged to apply. 

Selection criteria for candidates include:

  1. Experience and standing
  2. Aptitude for research
  3. A well-formed research proposal targeting a specific interest, that can be delivered in three to four months
  4. A demonstrated connection to scholarship and existing literature
  5. The relevance of the research topic to the Trust and research incubator

The residency program is intended to last between two to four months on a part-time basis.

If the practitioner works full time, an arrangement can be negotiated with their employer.

Where the practitioner has no other full time income, an honorarium will be negotiated. The standard rate is $10,000 paid upon project completion. 

Applications for the PIR program are accepted subject to their suitability and the availability of space in the program.