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Research Seminar and Publication Scheme

Stimulating scholarly debate, dialogue and collaboration

The Henry Halloran Research Trust (HHRT) supports cross-disciplinary research that informs urban and regional policy, planning, and the built environment. We aim to advance scholarly contributions to these fields by leveraging the diverse disciplinary strengths across the University of Sydney’s many academic units and collaborators, while also promoting wider engagement across policy makers, practitioners, and the wider community.

The Research Seminar and Publication Scheme offers funding for academics from various disciplines to host a workshop or seminar program on a theme relevant and aligned with the research interests of the Trust. This year the Trust is particularly interested in proposals which address these research interests with reference to the themes of themes of climate change, Indigenous land, or socially just cities and regions.

Submission of applications for 2023 has concluded

The seminar should focus around a set of papers intended for publication as a special issue for a peer reviewed journal or as an edited book. 

Proposals led by a University of Sydney academic/s with a clear publication strategy for a collection of research papers or chapters addressing the research themes of the Henry Halloran Research Trust are eligible for funding. However, seminar participants are not be limited to the University of Sydney and should include other Australian and potentially international researchers. Academics may also have funding from other sources for their work.

Proposals for funding should address:

  • The relevance of the proposed seminar theme to the research interests of the Trust
  • The potential to leverage a ‘cross disciplinary’ lens in addressing this theme
  • The potential to provide opportunities for earlier and mid-career, as well as senior academics in organising and or participating in the seminar and subsequent publication
  • The plan to publish all or selected papers presented at the seminar
  • The relevance of the proposed seminar theme and related research to urban policy and potential for a public event, such as a lecture or panel open to the public or a targeted audience, to coincide with the seminar 

Funding of up to $30,000 is available to cover modest travel and accommodation expenses, as well as catering for a 2 day workshop. This funding may also be allocated to support editing / publication expenses, provided that these are properly justified. Journal / book publishing fees will not be funded.

The Henry Halloran Research Trust Advisory Board will determine awards under this scheme. In 2023, the Trust will make up to one award under this scheme. 

The Trust reserves the right not to offer an award if it considers that the applications are not of sufficient merit.

Submission of applications for 2023 has concluded

Questions and applications should be submitted via email to:

Nicole Gurran, Director, Halloran Trust Research Trust


1,000 words not including CV
  1. Introduction

    Provides a background to the issue and highlights its relevance to the research interests of the HHRT.

  2. Seminar description and contribution

    Describe the anticipated range of papers and researchers as well as the proposed format for the seminar. Explain the expected contribution of this body of work to the field, and any cross disciplinary elements. Identify the opportunities for cross disciplinary / institutional research collaboration and mentoring of earlier career researchers.

  3. Publication plans and timelines

    Identify and justify anticipated publication outlet for the papers presented and developed through the seminar, and a process and timeline for developing the papers. Include peer review processes, if applicable.

  4. Public Event

    Provide details of the anticipated public event to coincide with the seminar, including target audience and schedules.

  5. Budget

    Provide a budget. Funding must be used within 12 months of the award.

  6. Researcher CVs

    Provide a short (1-2 page) CV of the lead researcher / research team.

2023 Research Seminar and Publication Scheme

The Value of Housing exploring the various ways housing is ‘valued’ to recognise and engage with the ways various valuations of housing inform a politics of housing values.

Associate Professor Dallas Rogers, University of Sydney

Professor Adam Morton, University of Sydney

Dr Laurence Troy, University of Sydney

Dr Naama Blatman, University of Sydney

Dr Sirma Altun, Ankara University