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Research Incubator

Supporting rapid urban growth in Australian cities
Learn more about our flagship program, an incubator designed to support talented teaching and research academics to focus on a major research project.

The Research Incubator program assists one talented teaching and research academic to complete on a major research project with the assistance of a small research team partly funded by the Trust.

Total funding of up to $360,000 will be available over the three years.

The Trust is very interested in seeing their limited funds being augmented by funds from other sources including both internal and external funds. The ability of the incubator bids to leverage other funds is an important criterion which the Trust will consider when assessing proposals.

Trust funds cannot be used to pay for conference travel, international travel, travel for international partners, or for equipment. However, the Trust is happy for additional funds raised through other incubator funding partners to be used for these purposes.

Applications for the incubator program (2022-2024) will open in December 2021. For enquiries please contact:

Professor Nicole Gurran 

The judging the panel will consider:

  1. Alignment of the research questions with the Trust’s infrastructure theme
  2. Quality and potential of the chief investigator
  3. Quality of partner/associate investigators
  4. Additional resources that the application can identify besides the investment of the Trust
  5. Quality of the application
  6. Quality of the executive summary of the background paper

The judging panel will include academic members of the Advisory Board, Professor Ann Forsyth, the Academic Advisor to the Trust. Applications may also be assessed by external assessors. Note that shortlisted applicants may be asked to attend an interview as part of the selection process.

In addition to undertaking the normal obligations of a research project, the chief investigator would need to organise:

  • A presentation on the progress of the Incubator at the annual Festival of Urbanism, beginning in 2023.
  • Participating in a major public event at the completion of the Incubator 
  • Completing a short annual progress report 
  • Meeting with the academic advisor to the Trust on an annual basis