21 November 2019

Just rezone it and they will come?

In recent years there has been a strong movement back to the values of strategic planning with a greater focus on a vision for our cities together with local strategic planning statements for our areas.

05 October 2019

Urban Research Festival (01)

As cities become the most popular places for people to live, they face a multitude of challenges. Problems of urban congestion, housing affordability, infrastructure financing, social isolation, scarce water and energy resources, environmental sustainability and effective governance require immediate attention. However, in Australia there is very limited urban research being undertaken to address these issues.

01 October 2019

Jack Mundey and the Green Bans - Lessons for today and the future

As we look at the various current plans for Sydney we can't help but ask the question that was asked at the time of the green bans - Whose city is it?
07 June 2019

Working with Local Aboriginal Land Councils

At the invitation of the NSW Department of Planning, the Henry Halloran Trust has been involved with the Aboriginal Community Land and Infrastructure Program, a training program for Local Aboriginal Land Councils.
24 May 2019

Great neighbourhoods

This month Professor Peter Phibbs delivered two community talks on strategic urban planning where he discussed the historic beginnings of town planning and the modernisation of urban development.
10 May 2019

Where should new housing go?

Sydney is growing rapidly – currently between 80 to 100,000 persons per annum. We held a public discussion and book launch to discuss how we can accommodate Sydney's growing population.
16 April 2019

Planning Australia’s Healthy Built Environments

Dr Jennifer Kent discusses how better urban planning can tackle chronic and costly diseases within Australian cities, followed by the launch of Planning Australia’s Healthy Built Environments.
20 February 2019

Ending the separation of housing and health

In an insightful lecture, Chief Scientist at the National Center for Healthy Housing, David E Jacobs, discussed the divide between health and housing policy.
17 January 2019

Living with water: questions for policy and action

A public policy roundtable drew scholars and professionals together to explore how climate change is forcing communities to rethink and rework how they live with water.