05 December 2018

An affordable and liveable Sydney

Professor Peter Phibbs and Lisa Anne King presented a model for Greater Sydney's 10-year affordable rental housing target.
18 October 2018

Why can't you afford a home?

Last night Dr Josh Ryan-Collins delivered a lecture based on his new book which argues that the housing affordability crises facing Anglo-Saxon economies has its roots in long-term shifts in fiscal policy.
21 August 2018

The 5th annual Festival of Urbanism

Discussing, questioning and celebrating, this year's Festival of Urbanism asks you to change your view of the city. Industry leaders bring an exciting schedule of events rolling out across Australia's two largest cities.
26 June 2018

The myth of liveability

Adjunct Professor Leslie Stein discussed the myth of liveability as an idealistic framework rather than an achievable end goal.
01 June 2018

Questions on mining projects' socio-economic viability

Professor Dodo Thampapillai presented a paper that questions the economic benefits of the Liverpool Plains and Galilee Basin mining projects, by taking into account mineral asset depreciation.
31 May 2018

House prices, rent, home ownership and affordability

Peter Abelson presented a paper that discusses how interest rates, not housing supply, are the culprit in housing affordability problems.
03 May 2018

The cost of zoning in Sydney

Panellists and Peter Tulip, co-author of 'The Effect of Zoning on Housing Prices', came together to discuss the paper's claims that the zoning costs for a typical Sydney house is $489k.
27 March 2018

Housing Sydney's key workers

Professor Nicole Gurran presented her research findings on key workers' living and work situations and potential solutions to help them afford housing in the communities they serve.