Metropolitan Planning and Governance

16 August 2016
Post Festival of Urbanism Special Event:
 Lessons for the Greater Sydney Commission from North America

The city wide approach to metropolitan planning has a long history in North America. One of the key exemplars of this approach is Portland, Oregon.

Ric Stephens, the President of the International Society of City and Regional Planners, will discuss what has been going in Portland and draw out some lessons for metropolitan planning in Sydney.

About the speaker

Ric Stephens
President of the International Society of City and Regional Planners
Ric leads the world's pre-eminent society of city and regional planners, now in its 52nd year, bringing together recognised and highly qualified planners from over 80 countries. Ric is in Sydney to talk to planning professionals and students, and the Sydney Group of ISOCARP. Ric is an educator, consultant and civic advisor who has helped create meaningful and memorable places in over 25 countries. Ric Stephens is based in Portland, Oregon. He has led many successful projects for smart cities and urban sustainability, and has been a close observer of Portland's Metro Council and the unique Oregon approach to urban growth boundaries for managing metropolitan expansion.