New Director for the Henry Halloran Trust

14 April 2021

Professor Nicole Gurran has been appointed as the new director

Professor Peter Phibbs, after leading the Henry Halloran Trust since 2013, has stepped down from his role and has been succeeded by Professor Nicole Gurran, from the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

Professor Nicole Gurran

The Henry Halloran Trust was established through the generous donation of Mr Warren Halloran. The Trust was named after Warren’s father Henry Halloran who was an active advocate for town planning in the first half of the 20th Century.

Professor Phibbs is leaving the University in the middle of the year after completing some current Trust projects.  The Chair of the Advisory Board of the Trust, Emeritus Professor Tong Wu, thanked Peter for his work establishing the Trust as a leading voice on urban and regional issues in Australia. “Peter has worked tirelessly to establish the Trust’s research and other programs. During his time as Director, we have established the research incubator program which has supported some of the University’s leading scholars. He was also instrumental in developing the Practitioner in Residence Program and with the help of his colleagues established the Festival of Urbanism as a national platform for discourse on a range of important topics”.

Professor Wu went on to welcome Professor Gurran to her new role as Director which she commenced on March 15th. “Whilst we are sad to see Peter go, the Advisory Board is extremely excited by the appointment of Professor Nicole Gurran. Nicole is a world leading urban housing scholar who engages both with the world of research as well as practice.  The Advisory Board got to know Nicole when she led our first research incubator – the Urban Housing Lab.  After her incubator finished in 2017, the Urban Housing Lab has gone from strength to strength”

Professor Gurran will build on the Trust’s research initiatives and contributions to public debate. “I’m honoured to take on the Director role” she said.  “Over eight years, the Trust has established a rich platform for urban research and dialogue. I’m particularly energised by the public facing mission of the Trust to support collaboration and exchange between researchers, policy makers, practitioners and the wider community. Thanks to Professor Peter Phibbs for his extraordinary contributions and to Professor Tong Wu and the Halloran Advisory Board for their efforts and support.”  More details about the Trust’s new research and events for 2021/2022 will be revealed during the year including the 2021 Festival of Urbanism which will be returning to its familiar September timeslot.

Note: There will be a special Trust public lecture to thank Peter for his service in the middle of the year.