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24 March is World TB day

World TB Day

Learn how Sydney ID and the TB-CRE are working to end TB

Latest news

30 August 2023

Professor Holmes awarded Croonian Medal by Royal Society

Professor Eddie Holmes has been awarded the Croonian Medal and Lecture, one of the most prestigious prizes in the biological sciences.
15 August 2023

Vale Mary-Louise McLaws, a champion of clear science communication

Professor Emeritus Mary-Louise McLaws AO was a tireless advocate of public engagement during public health emergencies, and her dedication leaves behind an enduring legacy, writes Dr Jocelyne Basseal and co-authors for The Conversation.
27 July 2023

Western science catches up with First Nations' medicinal use of ant honey

Scientists have discovered the honey produced by Australian ants possesses unique anti-microbial activity against bacteria and fungi that could make the liquid useful medicinally.
22 February 2023

How a TV series is making people pay attention to deadly fungal infections

The television series 'The Last of Us' describes a world after a fungal pandemic and it may be science fiction, but researchers have been warning about the threat of deadly fungal infections to public health for years, writes Associate Professor Justin Beardsley.
22 December 2022

University of Sydney's MBA students develop strategic recommendations for the Sydney Infectious Diseases Institute

Sydney ID and Sydney Business School work together to develop a project to assess Sydney ID’s organisational structure and business model.