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Multi-disciplinary One Health research towards sustainable aquaculture in Tanzania

Sydney ID researchers join an international team tackling fish health challenges

Aquaculture is an increasingly important contributor to Tanzanian food security, bringing together aquatic and human health. Biosecurity and health challenges require interdisciplinary solutions to ensure sustainable industry expansion.

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22 December 2022

University of Sydney's MBA students develop strategic recommendations for the Sydney Infectious Diseases Institute

Sydney ID and Sydney Business School work together to develop a project to assess Sydney ID’s organisational structure and business model.
15 December 2022

$23 million for innovative health and medical research

Chronic pain treatments, neuron interfaces, and genetically engineered treatments for eye and liver disease are among 22 research projects at the University of Sydney which were successful in the latest round of NHMRC funding.
15 December 2022

A year of research in pictures

2022 was a year of amazing research across science, medicine and engineering at the University of Sydney. Here are some images that caught our imagination and attention.
13 December 2022

Medicine and health stories that got people talking in 2022

These stories have shaped the year. They challenged us, entertained us, educated us, and even changed people's thinking. Discover the vast array of research that dominated the news in 2022.
26 October 2022

First WHO 'watch list' of health-threatening fungi released

The WHO today published its first-ever list of fungal 'priority pathogens' - a catalogue of 19 fungi that represent the greatest threat to public health.