New advances in biocomplexity

12 August 2019
Professionals from academia and industry get together
Biocomplexity is the study of macro-scale complex structures and behaviours that arise from micro-scale interactions of active biological agents, across multiple levels ranging from molecules and cells to organisms and ecosystems.

The key concepts and features include emergence, self-organisation, feedbacks, nonlinearity, sensitivity to initial conditions, critical dynamics, resilience, as well as adaptation and evolution. 

Hosted by Prof Mikhail Prokopenko, Complex Systems Research Group, the workshop (held on 12 July 2019) brought together professionals from both academia and industry, interested in complex systems and life sciences. The presentations spanned several areas: computational epidemiology, health and bio-security, cognitive modelling and artificial intelligence.

Professor Tania Sorrell continues MBI's cross-disciplinary engagement with Engineering and presented the keynote talk "Antimicrobial resistance and ecosystems: a multiscale perspective". Also presenting was Prof Daniel Polani,  Univeristy of Hertfordshire who spoke on "Bit from It: the emergence of information from the structure of the world".

Aligned with this workshop, Entropy journal is running a special issue on the topic.