AMR and the environment: A global and one health security issue

18 May 2021
A research and implementation Think-Do-Tank on Antimicrobial Resistance
MBI researchers discuss the role of agriculture driving antifungal AMR in Vietnam, in this recent publication from Geneva-based AMR Think-Do-Tank.

MBI reseachers, Justin Beardsley and David Guest,  articles appear among an eclectic selection of pieces from partners around the globe, with a shared focus on environmental contributions to AMR and health insecurity.


Fungi are major pathogens of humans, animals, and plants. Controlling fungal pathogens is of major importance for both human health and food security. There are very few antifungal agents available, and the same ones are frequently used in both human health and agriculture, which has led to the rapid emergence of resistant fungal pathogens. In this article we consider the role of agricultural chemical use and misuse in driving drug resistance in human pathogens, taking the emergence of azole-resistant Aspergillus in the rice-farming Mekong region of Vietnam as an example.

View page 27 for the full article (pdf, 4.2MB)