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Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics

Advancing cannabinoid-based treatments in mainstream medicine

The Lambert Initiative was created when Barry and Joy Lambert made a $33.7 million donation for research into the therapeutic use of medicinal cannabis.

The Lambert initiative is an Australian first in the field of medicinal cannabinoids. We are targeting a range of conditions including paediatric epilepsy, cancer, chronic pain, obesity, neurological, and mental health disorders.

Our aim is to optimise safe and effective cannabinoid therapeutics into mainstream medicine in Australia and beyond to deliver long overdue benefits for patients and to alleviate suffering.



We are now recruiting for 3 new clinical trials! Learn more about our ongoing clinical trials.


The CAFTAN Study

Cannabidiol (CBD) as an adjunct to Maudsley Family Based Treatment in young persons with Anorexia Nervosa

We are recruiting young people between 12-18 years old, who are about to start Maudsley Family Based Treatment (MFBT) to treat Anorexia Nervosa in NSW. Human Research Ethics Committee approval has been granted by the Sydney Local Health District [X21-0440].


Cannabidiol (CBD) for Acute Psychosocial Stress, Situational Anxiety and Nausea

We are recruiting healthy volunteers to study the effects of a new treatment on stress and nausea, using virtual reality technology. Human Research Ethics Committee approval has been granted by The University of Sydney [2023/307].

The CAPE Survey

Cannabinoids for Adult and Paediatric Epilepsy Survey

Help us better understand the lived experience of individuals who have tried medicinal cannabis to treat epilepsy. Human Research Ethics Committee approval has been granted by the University of Sydney [2023/313].

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