Michael Spence with Barry and Joy Lambert

The Lambert Family

A gift of love and hope for their granddaughter Katelyn

The Lambert Initiative is the outcome of an unprecedented pledge of $33.7 million by Barry and Joy Lambert to the University of Sydney in order to fund long-term research into the medicinal potential of the cannabis plant. 

A world first in the extent of support for medicinal cannabis research, this remarkable gift places Australia at the forefront of medicinal cannabinoid research.

As a result of the experiences of their granddaughter Katelyn who suffers from debilitating paediatric epilepsy, the Lambert’s goal was to fund the establishment of research into the possibility of cannabinoid treatments, not only for epilepsy, but for a broad range of chronic illnesses.

The donation is also the largest ever made to research at the University of Sydney.

The Lamberts’ gift holds the promise of achieving innovative and effective new medicines to alleviate the suffering of countless numbers of people by enabling research across a broad range of applications, from addiction, cancer, obesity, childhood epilepsy and chronic pain to dementia and mental health disorders.

The Lambert’s donation funds a multi-year program (2015 - 2024) to build on the University’s extensive clinical and scientific cannabinoid-related expertise to ultimately produce cannabinoid-based medicines that are safe, reliable and affordable.