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Affiliated staff and students

The students and staff who make a difference

Learn more about the research students and affiliated staff conducting cutting-edge preclinical and clinical research. 

Dr Miguel A. Bedoya-Perez

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Miguel A. Bedoya-Perez’s research interests include behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology, specifically, the evolution and ecological significance of behavioural traits and their adaptability to environmental changes (anthropogenic or natural). Miguel has extensive experience in field-based research in a variety of subjects, spanning sexual selection, foraging behaviour, chemical ecology and wildlife management. He currently holds the position of Postdoctoral Research Associate in Behavioural and Chemical Ecology in a collaborative project between the School of Psychology and the School of Life and Environmental Sciences. Miguel is exploring the chemical, biological and evolutionary aspect of anti-predator behaviour, in introduced and native rodents, as a response to predator odours, working under the direction of Professor Iain McGregor.

Bianca Wilson

Research Assistant

Bianca is a research assistant working for Dr Michael Bowen. She is working across a number of projects, including the establishment of important models for the Lambert Initiative’s preclinical drug screening program. Using these models, she will commence screening of phytocannabinoids and broad spectrum extracts as part of the Lambert Initiative’s preclinical program for anxiety disorders.

Oliver Tan


Oliver Tan is a student under the supervision of Dr Michael Bowen. Oliver’s research focuses on developing novel therapeutics for social disorders (such as autism) and addictions using preclinical models. A major aspect of Oliver’s work is establishing and refining a high-throughput preclinical social behaviour screening platform that can be used to characterise the effects of novel treatments on social function and dysfunction. This platform is greatly facilitating the screening of phytocannabinoids and broad spectrum extracts for potential in treating social disorders and social deficits in epilepsy.

Eila McGregor


Eila is a second year student studying Psychology, Pharmacology, Chemistry and Zoology. She is currently volunteering in the labs of the Lambert Initiative and assisting Lyndsey Anderson and Jordyn Stuart in their experiments. Eila hopes to develop a career in biomedical research.