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The latest news coverage of the Lambert Initiative

We are regularly engaged in wider public discussion around medicinal cannabis, current research and its use.

CBD in cannabis does not impair driving, landmark study shows - The Project, Network 10

The Lambert Initiative in the news


Study: Sure Looks Like ‘Marijuana Breathalyzers’ Don’t Work—And May Never Work – Lambert research featured in an article by Forbes, 31 December 2021

Boosting the endocannabinoid system impacts seizures in new mouse model study of Dravet Syndrome – Cannabiz, 22 December 2021

Meet the women blazing a trail in cannabis research – Ms Anastasia Suraev, Dr Elizabeth Cairns and Dr Danielle McCartney feature in this article by Cannabiz, 16 December 2021

Study: THC In Blood, Saliva Poor Measures Of Cannabis Impairment, Unlike Alcohol – Benzinga, 14 December 2021

Australian Rheumatology Association calls for more evidence on cannabis – Dr Elizabeth Cairns provided commentary in this article, 15 December 2021

Cannabis cuts seizures by 86 percent in epileptic children – A/Prof Arnold appeared in this article by New Atlas, 14 December 2021

New Research Casts Doubt on Roadside Saliva Tests for Drive Under Influence (DUI) Cases – Lexology, 13 December 2021

Study shows roadside THC tests do not indicate impairment – Cannabis Life Network, 9 December 2021

Study: Blood & Saliva Are Poor Indicators of THC Impairment – Ganjapreneur, 7 December 2021

"Not identifying the right people": Study finds flaws in drug driving tests used to detect cannabis – Triple J Hack, 6 December 2021

Roadside saliva tests not a good indicator of how stoned a drug driver is – The Age, 5 December 2021

Roadside saliva tests not a good indicator of how stoned a drug driver is – The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 December 2021

New study: pot in blood may not correlate with impairment – LA Weekly, 3 December 2021

Study finds THC levels in blood and saliva poor measures of impairment – The GrowthOp, 3 December 2021

New research could have major implications for global drug-driving laws – Cannabis Health, 2 December 2021

Lambert Initiative finds THC in blood and saliva are poor measures of cannabis impairment – Cannabiz, 2 December 2021

Blood or saliva THC levels found to be poor sign of driving impairment – New Atlas, 2 December 2021

Study: THC in blood and saliva are poor measures of cannabis impairment – Medical Express, 2 December 2021

THC in blood and saliva are poor measures of cannabis impairment – USYD News, 2 December 2021

[LISTEN] Triple J Hack featured Dr Danielle McCartney and Prof Iain McGregor to discuss their research highlighting the unreliability of THC in blood and saliva for measuring cannabis impairment (starts at 19:47), 1 December 2021.


[LISTEN] CBD with Danielle McCartney – Danielle McCartney appeared on the on Pura Sport Nutrition Podcast with Dr Liz Brood to discuss CBD for sport, 17 November 2021


CBGA More Effective For Seizures Than CBD, Study of Mice Finds – High Times, October 2021

‘It’s mind-boggling’: the complex, and growing, use of medicinal cannabis in Australia – The Guardian, 31 October 2021. Prof Iain McGregor provides commentary on the medicinal cannabis landscape in Australia.

CBGA may be ‘more potent’ than CBD against seizures in Dravet syndrome – Cannabis Health, 25 October 2021

Avecho and Lambert team up to test topical CBD on osteoarthritis – Cannabiz, 21 October 2021

Cannabis Contains Compounds With Newly Discovered Anti-Seizure Properties, Study Reveals – IFLScience, 7 October 2021

Is CBGA more effective than CBD? A new study says “maybe” – Pondering Pot, 6 October 2021

Study provides new insights into how cannabis extracts may work to treat epilepsy – News Medical, 6 October 2021

Cannabis ‘mother’ compound CBGA beats CBD at treating seizures – Slash Gear, 6 October 2021

'Mother of all cannabinoids': anti-seizure compounds found in cannabis – FirstWord Pharma, 6 October 2021

‘The mother of all cannabinoids’: Anti-seizure compounds discovered in cannabis – Science Daily, 5 October 2021

Lambert Initiative unveils research on ‘mother of all cannabinoids’ – Cannabiz, 5 October 2021

Scientists discover three rare cannabinoids reduce seizures in mice – Medical Express, 5 October 2021

CBGA More Effective For Seizures Than CBD, Study of Mice Finds – High Times, 5 October 2021

CBGA, the “mother of all cannabinoids”, reduces seizures more effectively than CBD – New Atlas, 5 October 2021

Mice study shows three cannabinoids reduced seizures of those with Dravet syndrome – The Province, 5 October 2021

‘The mother of all cannabinoids’: anti-seizure compounds discovered in cannabis – News Wise, 5 October 2021

‘Mother of all cannabinoids’: anti-seizure compounds found in cannabis – Mirage, 5 October 2021

'Mother of all cannabinoids': anti-seizure compounds found in cannabis – USYD News, 5 October 2021

‘The mother of all cannabinoids’: anti-seizure compounds discovered in cannabis – Eureka Alert, 4 October 2021


Cannabinoids as novel sleep aids – Woolcock News, 13 September 2021


CBD and driving: Study shows CBD may not produce false positive effect in drug tests – Cannabis Health UK, 25 August 2021

Why Everyone’s Talking About CBD — And Is It Really Good For You? – Women’s Health Magazine, 23 August 2021

What’s the deal with getting and using CBD oil in Australia? – TripleJ, 18 August 2021

Relief for CBD-only patients as study rules out risk of positive drug-driving test – Cannabiz, 19 August 2021


New research on THC-impaired driving shows not all skills affected equally by cannabis – Cannabis Health Magazine, 29 July 2021

[LISTEN] Episode 17A - What's the deal with cannabidiol (CBD)? – Dr Danielle McCartney was a guest on The Long Much Podcast, 28 July 2021

When drugs collide – Dr Lyndsey Anderson discusses her research on cannabinoids interacting with conventional medications in The Cannabis Scientist, 28 July 2021

[LISTEN] [WATCH] Pe226 Cannabis Enzymes & Receptors & Genes Oh My! – Professor Iain McGregor was a guest on the Periodic effects podcast, 27 July 2021

CBD research progresses understanding of entourage effect – NUTRA ingredients, 26 July 2021

Australian Research On Cannabis Entourage Effect – Hemp Gazette, 26 July 2021

Lambert Initiative team edges closer to discovering how the entourage effect works – Cannabiz, 23 July 2021

Low-dose CBD may reduce anxiety and seizures due to ‘entourage effect’ – Cannabis Health UK, 22 July 2021

'An entourage effect': new clues on how low-dose CBD products work – University of Sydney News, 22 July 2021

[LISTEN] [WATCH] Pe225 The Psychopharmacology of Cannabis – Professor Iain McGregor was a guest on the Periodic effects podcast, 22 July 2021

Dr Danielle McCartney featured in “Fact sheet: CBD Oil” – Women’s Weekly, July 2021.


What are the benefits of medicinal cannabis? – Saturdays with Joel Rheinberger (ABC Hobart), 12 June 2021

Cannabis driving less risk than some drugs – 7 News, 12 June 2021

Survey: Are you ready for low-dose cannabidiol products? – Australian Journal of Pharmacy, 01 June 2021


The Wizards of Oz – The Lambert Initiative is featured in-depth in the May 2021 Issue of The Cannabis Scientist

Pharmacists survey on medicinal cannabis - Ms Zeeta Bawa spoke on National Radio News, 21 May 2021

Assessing medicinal cannabis for children with advanced cancer – QUT News, 20 May 2021

Survey of pharmacists on medicinal cannabis - University of Sydney Faculty of Medicine and Health News, 19 May 2021

CBD oil in Australia – Ms Zeeta Bawa on ABC’s Triple J Hack, 10 May 2021


'Window of impairment': How new cannabis research could impact ACT drug-driving laws – The Canberra Times, 14 April 2021
Scientists put the stopwatch on cannabis intoxication – News Wise, 14 April 2021

How long will a weed high last? – Leafly, 14 April 2021

How long a weed high lasts, according to science – Mic, 14 April 2021

THC And Driving Impairment Duration – Hemp Gazette, 14 April 2021

High times: Cannabis intoxication can last for up to 10 hours – Study Finds, 13 April 2021

Scientists Have Worked Out How Long Cannabis Actually Gets You Stoned – IFLS, 13 April 2021

Smoking marijuana only impairs drivers for TEN hours, study finds - so why are motorists being fined and banned from the road DAYS after use based on tiny trace amounts? – Daily Mail, 13 April 2021

Groundbreaking Australian Study Finds Cannabis Only Affects People For Up To 10 Hours – Lad bible, 12 April 2021

Here's How Long a Cannabis High Really Lasts, According to Science – Science Alert, 12 April 2021

How long does impairment last after cannabis use? – Cosmos, 12 April 2021

RESEARCH: How long cannabis users are impaired or ‘stoned’ – Queensland Times, 12 April

Scientists put the stopwatch on cannabis intoxication – Medical Xpress, 12 April 2021

Scientists put the stopwatch on cannabis intoxication – University of Sydney News, 12 April 2021

Study identifies a 'window of impairment' caused by cannabis intoxication - The Medical News, 12 April 2021

Roadside drug tests detect cannabis but users may be safe to drive - Prof Iain McGregor appeared on ABC Radio’s ‘On Drive’ segment with Rafael Epstein, 12 April 2021

Call to reform drug driving laws as study shows impairment lasts hours – Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, 11 April 2021

New research reveals how long it takes for cannabis impairment to subside – ABC News, 11 April 2021

Scientists put the stopwatch on cannabis intoxication – Eureka Alert, 11 April 2021

Victorian cannabis oil plant exports largest shipment from Australia to Germany – A/Prof Jonathon Arnold appeared on 9 News, 7 April 2020


Cannabis derivative on trial to reduce psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia – announcement of a new study being partly funded by the Lambert Initiative, Queensland Centre for Mental Health Research, 30 March 2021

Medicinal cannabis blacklisted by Australian pain specialists - Prof Iain McGregor featured in an article by the Sydney Morning Herald, 23 March 2021

Medicinal cannabis: where are we? - Prof Iain McGregor and A/Prof Vicki Kotsirilos provide an updated summary on the medicinal cannabis landscape of Australia for InSight+, Medical Journal of Australia, 08 March 2021


Can cannabis be used to treat childhood epilepsy? - Anastasia Suraev discusses the ‘Paediatric Epilepsy Lambert Initiative Cannabinoid Analysis’ (PELICAN) study for Research Features, 25 February 2021

Measuring levels of THC as evidence of a driver’s impairment is not supported by scientific evidence – Leafie, 17 February 2021

[LISTEN] Happy And Medicated: We Need To Talk About Antidepressants – The Quicky (Mamamia), featuring Professor Iain McGregor discussing medicinal cannabis for anxiety and depression, 17 February 2021

CBD will go on sale in Australia, but first manufacturers will have to prove it works – The Guardian, featuring Professor Iain McGregor, 7 February 2021

[LISTEN] Medicinal cannabidiol now available over the counter, but only in theory – Prof Iain McGregor appeared on ABC Radio’s ‘Life Matters’ segment with Michael Mackenzie, 5 February 2021


Prof Iain McGregor appeared on ABC Radio’s ‘Breakfast’ segment with Wendy Harmer and Robbie Buck, 22 January 2021


The study investigating cannabis’ effects on driving has been referenced in over 200 media items, with an expected international reach of  500,000,000 people. Some of those media items are featured below:



















































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