The entrepreneurial pathway of a law degree

18 June 2020
The non-traditional pathway a law degree can take you
Alex Solo graduated from The University of Sydney in 2013 with a combined degree in law and arts. Today, Alex is an entrepreneur on a mission to create change.
Alex Solo

Today, driven by the desire to find better or smarter ways of doing things, Alex is an entrepreneur on a mission to create change, design efficient systems, breakdown inefficiencies in law with the use of technology, and challenge the status quo.

Alex is the Co-Founder of sprintlaw, a tech-powered law firm based in Sydney, where he leads a team of 15 staff. Alex commenced his entrepreneurial life as the Founder and MD of Spidr, which he started while at university and later sold. He also worked as a project manager and team leader at Cirrus Media, before moving into law where he worked at top tier firm, Clayton Utz, as a technology & media lawyer. 

With many accolades under his belt, he is well on his way to achieving his mission. Alex was named by Lawyers Weekly as the top under 30 tech lawyer in 2019, he launched the startup legal practice at Clayton Utz as a graduate, and sprintlaw has already had various successes including winning Innovator of the Year Award at the Australian Law Awards (2019.)

Alex attributes his success as an entrepreneur and commercial lawyer to the work ethic, skills, lifelong friendships he made, and the high achieving environment received at law school.

“The insane work ethic required to get through law school was great preparation for my career. Firstly, the quality of other students was so high that it forced me to work hard and push myself to my intellectual limits. Secondly, the long periods of concentration required to learn complex concepts, and the ability to handle all-nights and last minute cramming, has been pretty central to being able to succeed as an entrepreneur and commercial lawyer; working in fast-paced environments where quick learning is key.”

Describing it as “the place to be”, Alex chose to study at Sydney Law School because of its reputation as a top law school, high quality students and lecturers.

And, he recalls some of his fondest memories of his time at Sydney Law School. 

I really enjoyed doing my independent research project in copyright law with Prof Kim Weatherall, which ended up getting published as a journal article. Also jurisprudence / philosophy subjects with Dr Kevin Walton were really fun and thought-provoking.
Sydney Law School graduate, Alex Solo


Alex is only just getting started. He has global aspirations, with plans to “grow sprintlaw to be the leading alternative law brand in Australia, and achieve our mission of making legal services better, more cost-effective and more affordable to all Australian businesses.”

Alex is a proud Sydney Law School alum, saying,

It is a lifelong stamp of credibility, a network of clever and talented people, and an achievement I’m proud of.
Alex Solo


When asked what advice he would give to new students starting out at Sydney Law School today, he said this: 

“Embrace the learning. It’s not just about the marks - even the lessons or concepts that you think are the most obscure will find a way of cropping up again in your life. Pay attention to legal technology - is it going to transform the practice of law over the next few years. And enjoy it - as you might never again be in a place in your life where you have 5 or 6 years to build new skills!”

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