Law School students complete field school in Nepal

8 March 2023
Students from the Sydney Law School share their experiences from their Himalayan Field School in Nepal

Students took part in an immersive experience and gained valuable learnings during the Himalayan Field School, a partnership with Kathmandu School of Law that was supported by the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan.

University of Sydney Law School students who recently completed their Himalayan Field School with Felicity Volk, the Australian Ambassador to Nepal.

Students from the University of Sydney Law School recently completed the Himalayan Field School (HFS), a two-week program organised in partnership with the Kathmandu School of Law and supported by the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan.

The field school enables students to delve into Nepalese law, human rights and development issues through immersive local experiences.

Sydney Law School students at a stupa

Sydney Law School student cohort from the 2023 Himalayan Field School visiting a stupa.

Master’s student Charlie Gonzalez Petrozzino was one of the select few given this unique opportunity.

He was able to experience the country's rich culture and reflect on current developments in a way that will assist with his legal education.

“The outreach campus is a fantastic example of development in action," Petrozzino said.        

"I get to explore Nepal’s fascinating geostrategic context through interacting with various NGOs and seeing the local community being engaged in non-traditional sectors and education.”

Among the key features of the HFS are site visits to various municipalities, one of which is Melamchi, where students were able to learn more about a water development programme.

They engaged with locals, as well as government and non-government officials, to gather updates and insights on the steps being taken to address the water shortages in the Kathmandu Valley.

I think the main highlight of the HFS programme is being able to see the issues translate from the classroom into the outside world.
James Wu
Sydney Law School students with Professor David Kinley

Sydney Law School students attending a lecture by Professor David Kinley at the Kathmandu School of Law.

According to undergraduate student Isabella Monardo, Nepal’s picturesque views coupled with its unique grassroots movements made the outreach campus more interesting.

Juris Doctor student Claudia El-Khoury described the HFS as a 'holistic experience' which allowed her to integrate learnings of Nepalese culture into her knowledge of law.

This helped her develop a more concrete understanding of issues that are specific to certain areas of the country.

I encourage anyone to come out and visit the campus and engage in the Himalayan Field School. The beautiful vistas of the Himalayas is conducive to an awesome learning environment at an individual level, but it represents something so much more important at a macro level.
Charlie Gonzalez Petrozzino
Sydney Law School students at the UNDP office

Sydney Law School students at the United Nations Development Programme office in Nepal.

You can learn more about the Himalayan Field School and other overseas study opportunities with the Sydney Law School here.

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