06 February 2024

Why do we have single sex schools?

Tradition and retrograde ideas about social interactions between boys and girls still inform discussions around co-educational versus single-sex schooling, write University of Sydney authors for The Conversation.
30 January 2024

Mysterious pearl shells unearthed in French Polynesia

Associate Professor James Flexner, archaeologist, returned from a dig in French Polynesia where, together with local community members, he and his team found relics from the country's missionary past.
29 January 2024

Anti-social media: What can be done to stop platforms from driving democratic societies apart?

Platforms designed to captivate our attention can foster environments where mental health deteriorates, political divides widen, and extremism finds fertile ground, writes Professor Uri Gal for ABC Religion & Ethics.
25 January 2024

Law School awards the 2023 Kim Santow Law and Social Justice Essay Prize

Sydney Law School student Libby Newton has been awarded the 2023 Kim Santow Law and Social Justice Essay Prize at the conclusion of the annual Kim Santow Law and Social Justice Panel on 30 November.
25 January 2024

Centralised social networks potentially hinder innovation

Social systems where influence is centred around one or two individuals can lead to pack mentality and group think in farming communities, according to new research.
16 January 2024

Is Jokowi paving the way for an Indonesian political dynasty?

By installing his son as the Presidential frontrunner's deputy, Joko Widodo may continue to wield power long after he leaves office. Indonesian law expert Professor Simon Butt and his colleague explain how this was engineered in The Conversation.