20 December 2021

26 books you should read this summer

What will you be reading this summer break? Our experts share their favourite reads from 2021. These are the books they couldn't put down, the unexpected comforts during the pandemic, the deep fascinating reads late at night and the much-loved books they reread.
17 December 2021

Cutting-edge research at the centre

Summer research assistants share what they are working on, and why they are so excited to be part of the Centre for Automated Decision-Making and Society.
16 December 2021

Scholarship that promotes social justice and human rights

The recent recipient of the David Burnett Memorial Scholarship in Social Justice, Louise Press, describes the impact of the scholarship, how it has helped ignite her passion for social justice and opened the door to the range of alternative careers available with a law degree.
15 December 2021

SOARing in Law

Supporting outstanding early and mid-career researchers to become the next generation of research leaders.
02 December 2021

THC in blood and saliva are poor measures of cannabis impairment

The findings contrast with the much stronger relationship between blood alcohol concentrations and driving impairment, with implications for the application of drug-driving laws globally.
29 November 2021

How a PhD can lead to an international career in academia

Professor Hitoshi Nasu made the unconventional decision to leave Japan and pursue further studies at Sydney Law School, leading him to an established global career in academia. He shares his insights and advice.
23 November 2021

Indigenous Women, Outlaw Culture and the Law

Associate Professor Nicole Watson explores the resilience, resourcefulness and grit of Australia's Indigenous women at the inaugural lecture.
19 November 2021

State government reforms needed to drain 'food swamps'

Despite much work on creating healthy food systems, local governments in New South Wales and Victoria struggle to prevent the sale and marketing of unhealthy food and drinks. A report led by Dr Belinda Reeve details the issues and offers suggestions for improvement.
17 November 2021

Becoming a lawyer in Canada and the U.S with the Sydney Juris Doctor

After moving from Canada to complete her Juris Doctor at Sydney Law School, alumna Allegra Geller-Kudrow shares her experiences and her journey into the legal profession.
09 November 2021

Social sciences peak body welcomes four new Sydney faces

Professors Clinton Free, David Kinley, Frans Verstraten and Helen Watt join the esteemed national Academy that champions social science research.