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25 May 2021

2021 Prize Giving Ceremony

In one of The University of Sydney Law School’s largest annual events, over 150 undergraduate and postgraduate students were recognised for their outstanding academic achievements at the recent Prize Giving Ceremony on 20 May 2021.
25 May 2021

Postgraduate scholarships to help fund your research

Sydney Law School offers a wide range of scholarship options for students considering postgraduate research in law.
25 May 2021

Legal duo receive honorary doctorates

A former Federal Court judge and a former Commonwealth Solicitor-General - who are also wife and husband - have been honoured by their alma mater, the University of Sydney.
24 May 2021

Students create platform to report sexual harassment, bullying in law firms

A group of students at the University of Sydney have developed Confidant - an online platform where users can anonymously report and seek redress and support for bullying and sexual harassment in law firms.
19 May 2021

Why benchmark human rights in financial services?

The link between financial services' business activities and their human rights impacts are not well understood. Publicly benchmarking performance can create pressure to improve: our benchmark offers a snapshot of FSE performance and a way toward better outcomes.
18 May 2021

People more confident about vaccines in countries where trust in science is high

Using the world's largest vaccine confidence survey, researchers established that the more a national population trusts science, the more likely they are to believe that vaccines are safe and effective.
17 May 2021

Social justice and the law in action

For Law Week 2021, Professor Simon Rice speaks about law reform and the importance of community legal centres for access to justice.

10 May 2021

Ivan Roberts Scholarship now open

Two postgraduate scholarships available to support domestic and international Sydney Law School students and graduates. 

07 May 2021

Undergraduate law scholarships to help finance your study

Sydney Law School offers several undergraduate equity scholarships to help fund your law degree.
04 May 2021

Student insights: Unique international focus of Juris Doctor

Vinuri Gajanayake shares her experience as a Juris Doctor student at Sydney Law School and speaks about the ‘unique international focus’ of the degree.