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16 August 2021

#FreeBritney: do we have conservatorships in Australia?

Australian states have schemes analogous to US conservatorships and they're far from perfect, write Professor Cameron Stewart and Dr Linda Steele for The Conversation.
04 August 2021

Student takeover of Bachelor of Laws Honours Research Program

The Honours Research Program provides standout academic qualifications and allows Bachelor of Laws students to develop their knowledge in a field of interest, better preparing them for their chosen career path.
28 July 2021

Do search engines influence you more than you think?

The Australian Search Experience is a citizen science project calling on Australian Internet users to help solve search engine secrets. Why do search engines order and display information the way they do? Help us find out.
23 June 2021

Sydney academics and alumni named 2021 Fulbright Scholars

From biomedical engineering to river science, academics and alumni of the University of Sydney have been awarded Fulbright Scholarships.
15 June 2021

Vale Professor James Crawford

Sydney Law School pays tribute to giant of international law, and former Dean, Professor James Crawford.
09 June 2021

The criminal trial on display

Practical and multi-disciplinary unit of study applies class room knowledge to real-world issues, providing law students with hands-on experience.
08 June 2021

How law can help protect our oceans

For World Ocean Day 2021, Professor Tim Stephens speaks about the key role of law in environmental protection.

31 May 2021

Is finance getting 'woke' on human rights?

With socially responsible funds at unprecedented levels spurred on by investors wanting to do good as well as make money, the time is ripe for the finance sector to get serious about its human rights responsibilities.
28 May 2021

Sydney Law School endorses Uluru Statement

The University of Sydney Law School has called on the Commonwealth government to enshrine a First Nations Voice to Parliament in the Australian Constitution, and to establish a Makarrata Commission, as Australia's First Nations People have requested.
28 May 2021

Law School declares formal support of the Uluru Statement

The Board of The University of Sydney Law School has unanimously passed a resolution to support the Uluru Statement of the Heart.