Current Issues in Criminal Justice

Australia’s major journal on criminal justice

Current Issues in Criminal Justice provides detailed analysis of national and international issues by a range of outstanding contributors.

Current Issues in Criminal Justice

Current Issues in Criminal Justice features 'Contemporary Comments' – discussion at the cutting edge of the crime and justice debate, as well as reviews of recently released books.

It accepts submissions on a rolling basis (there are no submission deadlines).

Editor: Professor Colin King, member of the Sydney Institute of Criminology

Online access

You can access current and previous issues of Current Issues in Criminal Justice here.

Special Issue of Current Issues in Criminal Justice

In September 2019, Current Issues in Criminal Justice released an issue solely devoted to LGBTIQ+ issues in criminology, guest edited by Nicole Asquith, Trudie Broderick, Justin Ellis, Angela Dwyer and Matthew Ball. The edition had its genesis from the ‘Queer(y)ing Justice in the Global South’ conference held at the University of Sydney in July 2018 and focuses on queer criminology with an Australian perspective. This is a timely edition, illuminating aspects of the criminal justice experience for LGBTQ+ people, and an essential reading for anyone interested in diversity in criminological scholarship. Read the full edition.

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