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Study options

Professional development for legal practitioners
From intensive units of study you can complete within a few days to our comprehensive seminar and events program, we offer a wide variety of flexible options to meet your CPD requirements.

Our Professional Plus+ program caters specifically to busy legal practitioners and professionals. 

The units of study on offer span a range of specialist areas from administrative law and commercial law to corporate law and taxation law to criminology and labour law.

Conferences, seminars, courses and postgraduate units of study are available to anyone with an interest in the area of study. There is no prior educational requirement, although some postgraduate units assume prior knowledge in the area.

Single-unit study

If you would like to sample our postgraduate program and collect your CPD points, you can enrol in a single unit of study either with or without assessment. We offer our postgraduate units of study through two methods:

  • Semester length: one night per week for 13 weeks, generally from 6pm to 8pm
  • Intensive: units generally conducted over four or five days from 9am to 5pm.

(Not all courses are offered in both modes.)

Under mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) and continuing professional development (CPD) rules and guidelines you can generally claim one unit for each hour of attendance (refreshment breaks are not included).

Postgraduate units of study include about 26 hours of lectures.

If you would like the option to credit individual units of study towards a degree in the future, you should apply for a single unit of study with assessment.

If you successfully complete units with assessment, you can count these towards an award such as a graduate diploma or master’s by coursework should you choose to apply for entry into one of our postgraduate degrees. You can also count unit completion towards CPD or MCLE points.

View our postgraduate units of study timetable.

Find out more about fees and how to apply.

You can undertake a single unit of study without assessment and claim your CPD points at a reduced fee.

If you choose a single unit of study without assessment, you can attend lectures and receive relevant reading materials, but you don’t need to undertake assignments or examinations.

You will not receive a formal grade or academic transcript or credit towards any future award courses. You can count the course as CPD or MCLE points only.

View our postgraduate units of study timetable.

Find out more about fees and how to apply.

Postgraduate degrees

Our master’s degrees and graduate diplomas offer opportunities for both lawyers and non-lawyers to extend their knowledge in one of many areas of the law.  

They include our flagship Master of Laws (LLM) and nine specialist qualifications in areas including business law, taxation, international law, environmental law, health law, criminology, administrative law and policy, jurisprudence and labour law and industrial relations.

Events and seminars

We offer an extensive program of seminars and conferences for lawyers, barristers and anyone with an interest in the diverse field of law. Many of these can be counted towards CPD or MCLE points.

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