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We are regularly engaged in wider public discussion around mental health, substance use and other related topics.


19 July 2021

Centre The Matilda

  • Level 6 Jane Foss Russell Building G02

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25 March 2024

Breaking barriers into research on youth mental health and substance use

The Matilda Centre was proud to accept funding from several research streams to start new projects in 2024 in the areas of mental health and substance use. We sat down with some of the researchers starting new projects and heard what they’re most excited about with their new projects.
25 March 2024

Six key ways to help young people engage in better, healthier lives

In this edition of our Project Spotlight, we chat with Dr Katrina Champion from the Health4Life project. We discuss the six modifiable risk factors that affect young people’s health, how Health4Life utilises digital wellbeing approaches, and what they want to see from the project long-term.

25 March 2024

Breaking the wheel on intimate partner violence

In this edition of Researcher Spotlight, we sit down with Dr Siobhan O’Dean, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Matilda Centre, to discuss intimate partner violence, its effects on mental health, and how she got to researching this important area of our lives.