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16 April 2021

Anxiety and alcohol use: Can we Re-Train Your Brain?

Researchers at the Matilda Centre are running a pilot trial to examine whether an online brain training program can successfully re-train spontaneous and sometimes subconscious mental habits that contribute to the development and maintenance of anxiety and alcohol use disorders.
16 April 2021

Treating post-traumatic stress and substance use disorders in adolescents

We spoke to Dr Natalie Peach about an innovative treatment program for youth targeting post traumatic stress disorder and substance use.
16 April 2021

How does childhood trauma impact problematic eating and substance use among adolescents?

We spoke to Ivana Kihas about her PhD journey with the Matilda Centre and her work in co-occuring post traumatic stress disorder, substance use and eating disorders.
23 March 2021

The Matilda Centre celebrates outstanding achievements

The Matilda Centre has held the inaugural 'Matilda Centre Awards', recognising outstanding achievement in activities that promote the values and aims of the Matilda Centre in 2020.
05 February 2021

2020 PREMISE Research Seed Funding Awards

Research seed funding grants have been awarded to two University of Sydney researchers to support innovation, collaboration and enhance future funding submissions.

01 February 2021

New year and a new look for Positive Choices

Significant changes have been made to the Positive Choices portal to make it easier for students, school staff, parents and families to find trusted, evidence-based information, resources and prevention programs.
27 January 2021

Seeking feedback on a resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health

Researchers from the Matilda Centre are seeking feedback on a recently developed resource to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing.