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26 books you should read this summer

20 December 2021
What will you be reading this summer break? Our experts share their favourite reads from 2021. These are the books they couldn't put down, the unexpected comforts during the pandemic, the deep fascinating reads late at night and the much-loved books they reread.

Lift in restrictions: Sydney experts on what we can expect

07 October 2021
Experts in health, psychology and pandemic modelling comment on what Australians can expect as the nation emerges from pandemic restrictions.

Review of COVID and mental health finds hope but growing inequalities

07 October 2021

Australia's Mental Health Think Tank review of mental health impacts of the pandemic has found most people will recover. However, those hit particularly hard will find it difficult to bounce back, write Sydney experts.

Understanding mental health

29 September 2021

This Mental Health Month discover the inspiring mental health research being undertaken across the University and access our mental health resources to inform yourself and others.

Prevention key to addressing mental health, substance use issues

21 September 2021

Research carried out through a partnership between the Matilda Centre, Black Dog Institute and Everymind finds a nationally coordinated and long-term approach is required for prevention research and implementation.

Civic engagement strongest in young from culturally diverse families

02 September 2021
Civic engagement - one of the Sydney Policy Lab's guiding principles - is higher in people from younger, multicultural backgrounds, a new poll shows.

Anxiety and alcohol program reaches youth via social media

09 August 2021

New program reduces anxiety and problem drinking by reaching youth via digital media - where they spend much of their time

Advice for students sitting the HSC

20 October 2020
University of Sydney experts offer advice to the class of 2020 sitting their HSC exams this year.

Low level alcohol use during pregnancy can impact child's brain development

25 September 2020
A new study finds any alcohol use during pregnancy, even low levels, is associated with subtle, yet significant behavioural and psychological effects in children including anxiety, depression and poor attention.

BHP Foundation supports COVID-19 Mental Health Think Tank

13 August 2020
COVID-19 Mental Health Response Independent Think Tank brings together a broad range of expertise to pursue evidence-based mental health policy.