Postgraduate study

Contribute to transforming mental health care and support
The Matilda Centre provides a challenging and supportive environment for postgraduate research students and access to internationally recognised researchers for supervision.

Candidates will work at the cutting edge of prevention, early intervention, treatment and epidemiological research on co-occurring mental and substance use disorders.

Our academics provide supervision to master's by research and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) students wishing to obtain advanced training in the fields of mental health and substance use.

Postgraduate studies with the Matilda Centre

Our PhD handbook (pdf, 2.1MB) provides a comprehensive overview of the Matilda Centre PhD group as well as:

  • Tips for developing your research areas and talking to potential supervisors
  • Supervision models
  • Scholarships and support

You can also watch the recording of our PhD Information Session (below) and download a copy of the handouts (pdf, 1.5MB).

Feedback from current PhD students

Logan Harvey, PhD student

Logan Harvey

Logan Harvey

I had worked as a Clinical Psychologist for a number of years before deciding to pursue a PhD based on my clinical work. I approached several universities and researchers, but my decision was rapidly made after making initial contact with the team at the Matilda Centre. I was quite surprised not only at the enthusiasm for my research, but also the level of support and opportunities on offer. I now have a team of supervisors guiding my research, each with their own strengths and areas of expertise. I have opportunities to develop my own research pathway while continuing my clinical work, and have a large team of other students, research assistants, and academics readily available for help when needed. The team at Matilda bring a lot of energy to their research, and their commitment to high quality research is rapidly helping me establish my research skills and career.

Rachel Visontay, PhD student

Rachel Visontay

Rachel Visontay

I had been working as a research assistant at the Matilda Centre for almost three years before I decided it was time to take the plunge and apply for a PhD. Getting that experience working on a range of projects with different teams of people helped me zero in on a topic I was excited about and supervisors that were a good fit. I feel lucky to work in such a supportive, collaborative environment – the Centre is brimming with academics, research and support staff who have so much expertise and experience, and who are so generous with their time. I’m constantly provided with opportunities to further my learning in the areas I’m interested in and the skills I want to develop. It’s also great to be able to share the experience with a big group of other students going through the same highs and lows!

Ivana Kihas, PhD student

Ivana Kihas

Ivana Kihas

I started working as a research assistant with researchers from the Matilda Centre in 2013 and moved to Europe in 2016. In 2017, my supervisor contacted me about a PhD opportunity in an area I was very interested in. It was a wonderful feeling knowing that even after you leave, the people you worked with have you in mind for opportunities. Without any hesitation, I decided to move back to Australia and began my PhD with the Matilda Centre. Having previously worked at the Matilda Centre where I made friends with colleagues who pursued PhDs before me, I knew there was nowhere else I would do a PhD. The supportive nature of the Centre is like nowhere else. There are countless opportunities to grow, learn something new every day, ask questions whenever they arise, and receive constructive feedback as frequently as you ask for it. The Matilda Centre has a wonderfully unique approach to work and mentoring in that every staff member works together to help one another. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do a PhD with the Matilda Centre and would highly recommend this Centre to anyone who is considering a PhD.

Our supervisors

We have 20 academics available for research supervision at the Matilda Centre. Their Academic Profile Online includes their biographies, research interests and expertise.

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