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Group portrait of the Matilda Centre team waving and smiling to camera

Facts & figures

Our team

  • 22 Academic staff
  • 34 Research and professional staff
  • 12 Research students

Our people

The Matilda Centre's academic and professional team

Our talented team of researchers and professional staff undertake world-leading research in the areas of mental health and substance use disorders.

  • Ms Jasmin Bartlett
  • Ms Louise Bezzina
  • Mr Raj Kishore Biswas
  • Ms Julia Boyle
  • Mr Zachary Bryant
  • Ms Jo Cassar
  • Ms Chloe Conroy
  • Ms Katie Dean
  • Ms Jennifer Debenham
  • Ms Hannah Deen
  • Ms Katherine Dobinson
  • Ms Felicity Duong
  • Ms Ainsley Furneax-Bate
  • Ms Sophia Garlick Bock
  • Ms Melissa Gray
  • Ms Olivia Green
  • Ms Lucinda Grummitt
  • Ms Tara Guckel
  • Ms Karrah McCann
  • Ms Katherine Haasnoot
  • Ms Annalise Healy
  • Ms Ashling Isik
  • Ms Phoebe Johnson
  • Ms Madeleine Keaveny
  • Ms Ivana Kihas
  • Ms Siobhan Lawler
  • Ms Briana Lees
  • Ms Samantha Lynch
  • Ms Erin Madden
  • Ms Bridie Osman
  • Ms Kate Ross
  • Ms Anna Smout
  • Ms Scarlett Smout
  • Mr Joel Tibbetts
  • Mr Corey Tutt
  • Ms Rachel Visontay
  • Ms Caitlin Ward
  • Mr Jack Wilson
  • Mr Peter Clay
  • Ms Jennifer Debenham
  • Ms Clara Fritchley
  • Ms Lucinda Grummitt
  • Mr Logan Harvey
  • Ms Ivana Kihas
  • Ms Siobhan Lawler
  • Ms Briana Lees
  • Ms Samantha Lynch
  • Ms Anna Smout
  • Mr Jack Wilson
  • Professor Andrew Baillie, the University of Sydney
  • Professor Helen Christensen, Black Dog Institute, the University of New South Wales Sydney
  • Professor Paul Haber, Drug Health Services, Sydney Local Health, District Discipline of Addiction Medicine, Central Clinical School, the University of Sydney

Join the team

An exciting opportunity to join our leading Matilda Centre undertaking research in culturally-inclusive school-based drug and alcohol prevention resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.


Professor Maree Teesson AC
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