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17 November 2022

How the latest COVID wave will stretch our health system further

Professor Alexandra Martiniuk examines how the latest COVID wave will impact our health system, what needs to be done differently and what can help during this current wave and beyond.
17 November 2022

Healing Holistically – Healthy Country and Community

Matthews’ work focuses on improving holistic health care systems, the model of comprehensive care embodied by community-controlled primary health services that care for body, mind and spirit for first nations patients.
16 November 2022

University of Sydney and Calvary announce partnership

The University of Sydney and leading healthcare provider Calvary today announced a formal partnership aimed at shaping the sector through clinical placements, education, and staff development.
16 November 2022

New nasal vaccine strategy could improve COVID-19 protection

Australian researchers have found a new vaccine approach delivered via simply breathing in through the nose creates a strong immune response in the lungs and against SARS-CoV-2.

16 November 2022

Sydney researchers ranked among global elite

Around 400 academics from the University of Sydney have been recognised among the best in the world in their fields, from renewable energies and chronic disease prevention to space science.