19 November 2020

The joys and challenges of special needs dentistry

Dr Avanti Karve has always had a passion for helping people with disability and vulnerable populations. She was Sydney's first graduate in special needs dentistry and now teaches into the program as an honorary lecturer.

19 November 2020

DetectED-X partners with Volpara Health

University of Sydney start-up DetectED-X teams up with Volpara Health to improve breast cancer education for radiologists and clinicians.

18 November 2020

Leaving Singapore to study orthodontics at Sydney

Andrew is the only international student and one of only four students in his orthodontics cohort. Learn how he settled into life in Australia and his experience of the program so far.

17 November 2020

Cadwalladers build enduring philanthropic partnership with the University

Sandra and Peter Cadwallader have fostered a strong philanthropic relationship with the University, making a number of donations to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and communities.
13 November 2020

The dental alum who proudly wears two uniforms

Karen Such, Acting Command Health Officer at the Australian Army, has spent 15 years working all over Australia and offshore as an army dentist, completing her training in conscious sedation and pain control at the University of Sydney.
13 November 2020

Female led industry and research collaboration leads to long term partnership

Pushing against the barriers of being a female researcher in academia, Dr Elizabeth Clarke has been successful in collaborating with industry partners to help them solve problems and to progress her research into new and innovative directions.
13 November 2020

How can healthcare decision-makers lean on university expertise?

Our experts in health finance and clinical epidemiology offer critical advice and support for decision-makers.
13 November 2020

Bringing big ideas to life

Natasha Rawlings, Investment Manager at Uniseed helps our academics create businesses from research opportunities.

13 November 2020

Medicine and health entrepreneurs see benefits from collaboration

Rupal Ismin explains how Sydney Knowledge Hub offers benefits to both industry and academic experts to help unlock resources and connect ideas and products.
13 November 2020

Collaboration is key to translating discoveries into reality

Meet Dr Hui Xin Ong, the pharmacology research leader engaging with industry to fast track new medical products to the market.