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Group of people with good musculoskeletal health

Sydney Musculoskeletal, Bone and Joint Health Alliance

Ending the burden of musculoskeletal conditions
By working collaboratively with clinicians, researchers, consumers and policy makers, we aim to facilitate the rapid translation of research into improved care and better outcomes for people with musculoskeletal conditions.

About us

Poor musculoskeletal health is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and this burden will increase in coming decades as our population ages. The University of Sydney has a long history of productive research output in arthritis and musculoskeletal research. 

Our mission is to discover new ways to prevent, manage and cure disabling musculoskeletal conditions by strengthening and expanding our research in musculoskeletal, bone and joint health across the University and its affiliated institutes.

We work with Sydney Health Partners, as well as clinicians, researchers, consumers and policymakers, to facilitate rapid translation into local health districts and primary health networks. 

Our membership include academics, clinicians, scientists, engineers and students who are actively involved in musculoskeletal health research at the University. We are a cross-disciplinary collaboration, with members from the Faculty of Medicine and Health, the Faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering & IT, as well as nine affiliated research centres and groups, and four local health districts. 

Our objectives

  • Expand research strength through co-publication in high-impact journals and joint grant acquisition from major funding bodies.
  • Provide networking and collaborative opportunities in musculoskeletal research across the University and affiliated institutions.
  • Launch cross-disciplinary research initiatives.
  • Promote career development for higher degree by research students, early- and mid-career researchers involved in musculoskeletal research across the University.
  • Become the world’s leading university for musculoskeletal, health research and education.
  • Raise awareness of musculoskeletal conditions, and to influence policy, clinical practices and research priorities at the community, industry and government levels.

Past events

SydMSK Grant Review and Mentoring Workshop

The SydMSK Grant Review and Mentoring Worksop was a pilot initiative facilitated by the Faculty of Medicine and Health, and co-sponsored by Sydney Health Partners.

It was designed to support young and early career researchers with the evolution of research project ideas and career planning while improving leadership skills in mentors.

Download the event report (pdf, 1.8mb)

SydMSK 3rd Annual Scientific Meeting

Thank you to all of our keynote speakers, guests, presenters, attendees, volunteers and co-sponsor, Sydney Health Partners. Read more about the event on the Sydney Health Partners website.

Download the event report (pdf, 364kb).