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In an environment of ever decreasing government funding for research, it is forward thinking philanthropists and industry leaders that are instrumental in accelerating medical discoveries. 

The University of Sydney continues its work with generous and visionary people who want to make a difference, to secure additional funding to support the invaluable and crucial projects and research needed to benefit generations to come. 

You can help our dedicated musculoskeletal researchers and clinicians to improve the health and well-being of all, in Australia, the Asia-Pacific and elsewhere.

Donations over $2 to the Centre are tax deductible and support research, education of students, professionals and the public and assist to build the capacity to prevent, manage and cure musculoskeletal conditions.

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For larger donations or to support specific projects please reach out to Tori Grimes, Deputy Director of Development, working within the Advancement team for the Faculty of Medicine and Health. 

Please contact Rachel Love:

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We are innovating to improve health outcomes through clinical trial research, training and education. 

Clinical trials and research studies are an essential part of a high quality, modern healthcare system and an important step in developing new treatments to improve human health.

Often the best way to find out about clinical trials that may be suitable for you is to discuss it with your doctor. We also invite you to look at our current clinical trials and other health studies.

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