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Thyroid Cancer Research Group

Expanding translational research in thyroid cancer therapeutics

Our research group is comprised of surgeons, physicians, scientists, pathologists, clinical trial nurses, patient representative who meet to prioritise and develop research in the diagnosis and management of thyroid cancer.

Our researchers have demonstrated high impact publications and are recipients of NHMRC, Cancer Institute, Lincoln Centre, Cancer Council, University of Sydney Research Fund, Ramsay Health, Rebecca Cooper Foundation, Avant Foundation, Phaeo/Para Alliance and HCF Research Foundation grants.

Our senior researchers have outstanding H-indexes and demonstrate a >200+ publication list.

Research themes

Our aim is to establish a comprehensive personalised approach to thyroid cancer management across the full spectrum of the disease, utilising evidence-based algorithms.

Our overarching goal aims to prevent the unnecessary overtreatment of low risk thyroid cancer (minimising unnecessary harm) and to develop a personalised genomic and clinicopathologic profile of advanced thyroid cancer to expedite effective targeted therapy and improve patient outcomes.

Our group has expertise in translational research as well as clinical experience in endocrine cancer. We already have a strategic pipeline of research across the spectrum of thyroid cancer with many projects involving junior scientists and clinicians.

Research goals

  1. Accelerate translation of research outcomes in diagnostics of thyroid cancer.
  2. Improve patient knowledge and experience. 
  3. Foster collaboration with to ensure individualised treatment for patients is achieved. 
  4. Cultivate pipeline of emerging researchers and experts.  

Our current research projects include analysis of ctDNA, tailoring radioactive iodine therapy, risk stratification of thyroid nodules, machine learning models, pathological grading of endocrine cancers, utility of DOTATE-PET scans in thyroid cancer diagnosis.

With your help, our translational research can be accelerated and improve the quality of life and survival outcomes for patients with thyroid cancer.

If you are considering making a major gift or leaving a gift in will for our research, please contact one of our development professionals who will be able to discuss how you can give and the impact your gift could have.

Our people

  • Dr Martyn Bullock
  • Ms Rhonda Siddall
  • Ms Yue Zhao
  • A/Prof Angela Chou
  • Dr John Turchini\
  • Dr Lyndal Tacon
  • Dr Mahsa Ahadi
  • A/Prof Mark Sywak
  • Professor Stan Sidhu
  • A/Prof Tom Eade
  • Ms Pip Coomes

We collaborate with many other colleagues across NSW including paediatrics, implementation science and oncology. Contact us to find out more.

  • Dr Ayanthi Wijewardene

If you're a PhD, Honours or Masters student and are interested in our work, contact our Research Chair, Dr Matti Gild for how you can get invovled.

  • Discovery of molecular therapeutic targets in PDTC
  • Liquid biopsy optimisation techniques and clinical applications in thyroid cancer

Research Chair

Dr Matti Gild