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Health services

Strengthening healthcare delivery
Our research examines the safety and effectiveness of health services in Australia and abroad. We partner with government and industry bodies to translate our research and improve consumer health outcomes.

Health services research at the Faculty of Medicine and Health takes a system-wide view as we research health services and health service delivery in Australia and abroad. 

Through our research, we are strengthening the delivery of primary healthcare services, and ensuring that our research and innovation can improve health outcomes for consumers and the safety and effectiveness of the health system as a whole.

Our research in this space over the past twenty years has informed industry and government policy through the comprehensive study of general practice and general practitioners.

Areas undertaking research in this theme

Health services research is being conducted in a number of our schools, centres and facilities.

Our health services research aims to improve patient safety and involves:

  • consumer focus, engaging people with their healthcare, medicines and health literacy
  • a multidisciplinary approach, collaborating with a range of healthcare professionals
  • a range of health settings, including primary care, residential care facilities and hospitals
  • national and international focus.
Key researcher

Learn more about research at the Sydney Pharmacy School.

Our research in primary healthcare is focused on strengthening the delivery of primary services through the study of general practice and general practitioners (GPs), including the characteristics and frequency of GP visits and GP-patient interactions. Our research in this area has delivered over 100 bespoke reports to inform and support key business decisions and government.

Key researchers

Learn more about research at the Sydney School of Public Health.

Centres, institutes and groups

  • Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH)
    BEACH was an initiative that analysed data collected by general practitioners to report on patient encounters from clinical practices across Australia from 1998-2016. We now have a database of almost 1.8 million encounters that has been used to inform industry and government.