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Facts & figures

Our research

  • $16M In funding for current projects
  • 23 new and continuing grants as of 2018
  • 2.29 Mean relative citation index (RCI)
  • 120 Highest RCI
  • 116 HDR students with 78 papers

Research at Sydney Pharmacy School

Expertise in pharmaceutical and clinical sciences
Pharmacy research has the potential to influence a huge range of health areas. Our research is at the forefront of drug discovery as well as clinical and sociological aspects of pharmacy and health services.

About pharmacy research

Our renowned researchers are experts in a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical and clinical sciences.

These include the design, synthesis, testing and mechanism of drugs, studies on advanced drug delivery, investigating the fate of drugs in humans including pharmacogenomics and other aspects of drug disposition, and research on the clinical and sociological aspects of pharmacy and health services.

Discover research at the Sydney Pharmacy School

Our research

Our research is closely aligned with the activities of the faculty, and we contribute to the following major research areas:

  • cancer
  • eHealth
  • immunology and infection
  • mental health
  • obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Research highlights

Our researchers have successfully been awarded a combined $16 million in funding toward current projects. We have over 100 higher degree research students and more than 50 active researchers. 

  • Associate Professor Rebekah Moles and Dr. Stephen Carter
    Awarded $2.3 Million through the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) grant, for a clinical trial on Safer medicines To reduce falls and refractures for Osteoporosis (STOP).
  • Dr Barbara Mintzes, Professor Lisa Bero and Dr Danijela Gnjidic
    Awarded $1,002,283 in NHMRC funding for a comparative analysis of regulatory safety warnings on medicines in Australia, Canada the European Union and the United States.
  • Professor Ines Krass and team
    Awarded $3 million from the Department of Health for diabetes assessment research
  • Professor Kim Chan 
    Recipient of a highly competitive grant from the Food and Drug Administration valued at USD$400,000 to develop computational models to predict delivery of inhalation drug powders.
  • Professor Lisa Bero and an international team
    Awarded $987,647 in NHMRC funding towards strengthening the evidence foundation of public health guidelines.
  • Professor Mary Collins, Associate Professor Philip Ahring and Associate Professor Thomas Balle 
    Recipients of $735,498 in NHMRC funding towards research into GABA-A receptors as targets for improving motor function.
  • Dr Pegah Varamini 
    Continuous funding for her National Breast Cancer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship so she can work on receptor-targeted delivery of antineoplastic agents to breast cancer cells. She was granted $400,000 over three years.
  • Dr Danijela Gnjidic 
    Recipient of an NHMRC Leadership Fellowship valued at $719,636 to optimise pharmaceutical care for people with dementia in acute care settings.
  • Professor Kim Chan and Professor Andrew McLachlan 
    Awarded $563,620 in NHMRC funding for the development of novel inhalation formulation of bacteriophages against ‘superbugs’ causing respiratory infections.
  • Associate Professor Wojciech Chrzanowski and Professor Kim Chan 
    Recipient of an ARC Linkage Grant worth $512,923 for work investigating novel nano-composite particles for controlled-release drugs via inhalation.

Other research areas

Our researchers in health services and patient safety have a strong commitment to research that facilitates the quality use of medicines, medicines safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health interventions. 

Our research takes a system-wide view to ensure that research and innovation is able to improve health outcomes for consumers and improve the safety and effectiveness of the health system.

  • Launched in conjunction with the Charles Perkins Centre, we have established the first cleaninghouse and incubator for data and research on evidence, influence and pharmaceutical policy. 
  • We're working with researchers from the University and abroad in this NHMRC-funded project that examines the effects of national medication safety warnings on healthcare delivery and patient safety. 
  • Our researchers are participating in a trial to evaluate models of pharmacy-based opportunistic risk assessment, screening and referral services for type 2 diabetes in previously undiagnosed populations.  
  • We're collaborating with highly dedicated and internationally recognised researchers to generate vital information about the role that medicines play over Australians' lifetimes.
  • Working with colleagues at the Fiji National University, our researchers are working to research issues that Fiji faces with respect to medicine supply and procurement, aiming to inform policy and subsequent system-wide change in the region.

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