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Researcher using pipette and test tube

Research at the School of Medical Sciences

Tackling global issues from the molecule to large population studies
We aim to improve overall human health by investigating how the human body functions, the maintenance of health and the ways we can treat and prevent disease using pharmacological treatment.

About medical sciences research

With more than 60 active research laboratories, medical sciences research at the University of Sydney studies the cause and treatment of diseases, with the aim of addressing the most important global issues. 

Our research takes a "bench to bedside" approach with projects that range from basic research at the molecular level, through to the application and translation of research findings in a clinical setting. 

Major research areas

We conduct research across a number of major research areas including:

  • cancer
  • immunology and infection
  • mental health and neuroscience
  • musculoskeletal, bone and joint health
  • lifespan and ageing
  • obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular and chronic diseases.

Other research

The school also conducts research at a discipline level.