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Apple watch collecting health data

Discipline of Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health

Using data and information sciences to improve health
Home to an interdisciplinary team of educators, researchers, and clinicians, we do impactful research at the intersection of information and health and equip new generations of health professionals with digital health skills.

About the discipline

Established in early 2020, the Discipline of Biomedical Informatics and Digital Health (BIDH) aims to pursue a future in which health data and information are seamlessly integrated into biomedical discovery and the continuous improvement of health and healthcare.

To deliver on this mission, we build on the existing capabilities of the University by facilitating multi-disciplinary collaboration across faculties and the Digital Health and Informatics Network, as well as with state and local health organisations and leading international groups in biomedical informatics.

Our research

Drawing on research strengths in medicine, science, engineering, mathematics, law, policy, ethics, and the humanities, our work spans the full spectrum of health and biomedical informatics research.

We have a strong and growing research environment covering a range of areas including bioinformatics, clinical informatics, health services, public health, and the translation and evaluation of digital health technologies used in clinical practice.

Study options

Undergraduate and postgraduate courses

With a focus on equipping the future health workforce with necessary skills in data science and digital health, we are currently developing an education program that spans all levels of digital health education from an undergraduate, postgraduate and executive level.

Postgraduate research

The Faculty of Medicine and Health offers a range of research opportunities to help you pursue your passion. You can undertake a Master of Philosophy (MPhil), or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). A list of suggested projects and potential supervisors will be made available on this page soon.

We want to teach data science and digital health on par with anatomy and physiology for all of our pre-license students and up-skill the existing workforce to meet the challenges ahead.
Professor Heiko Spallek

Our people

  • Jocelyn Brewer
  • Candice Donnelly
  • Ash King
  • Madaline Kinlay
  • Natasa Lazarevic
  • Junlin Lin
  • Michael Marthick
  • Matthew Naylor
  • Varan Perananthan
  • Carol Pizutti
  • Audrey Rollin
  • Fathima Shihana
  • Dr Emily Stone
  • Natalie Thurtle
  • Bethany Van Dort
  • Alan Yung

Head of Discipline

Adam Dunn
Associate Professor Adam Dunn
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