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The Vanderfield Building, North Shore Hospital
Early Infectious Diseases ward at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Edward Ford Building, circa 1938

About Places

In this section you will find information and multimedia about places associated with the Faculty of Medicine. These may be centres of teaching or research, hospitals, museums and associated institutions. Why not come to our Central Campus and take our Medical Heritage Trail? Or visit us virtually by viewing our virtual tours of buildings. Thus far, we have documented Faculty locations at our Camperdown Campus but will commence documenting our Clinical Schools in 2009. If you have photographs or information about Faculty buildings or hospitals that you would like to offer us, please contact Dr Lise Mellor.

Medical Heritage Trail

Medical Heritage Trail
Medical Heritage Trail brochure

This self-guided Medical Heritage Trail is designed for students and alumni. It encompasses museums, buildings, libraries, monuments and artworks across the Camperdown Campus to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. For many this tour will recall the past. For others it provides an opportunity to see some treasures from the collections and appreciate the ongoing interaction of medicine with scholarship, history, the arts and sciences. Please view or download this brochure to select the stops you would like to visit. The entire walk will require four or five hours, although you may choose to visit some of the locations on the trail on different days and spend more time perusing our collections. For returning alumni we hope you enjoy the opportunity to see the buildings and University grounds once again.

Virtual Tours of Buildings

Dissection Room
Virtual Tours of Faculty Buildings and Museums

These virtual tours will take you inside some of our Central Campus buildings and associated Museums. Whether you are seeing the buildings for the first time, or recalling them years after being a student here, these tours will give you an inside perspective of our campus today.

Hospitals and Institutions

First Administration Block Royal Prince Alfred Hospital 1883
Hospitals and Institutions

Click on the following link to read historical information about Hospitals and Institutions associated with the Faculty of Medicine since 1856.

Coming Soon

Heritage information and photograph albums of Faculty Buildings